New and exclusive to RB, a selection of stylish entrance door designs with the DoorApp electromechanical locking system, based on the multi-bolt lock technology with RB’s uncompromising high level of security, connected to a multi-purpose electronic control designed for installation within the door. DoorApp locking and control systems can be installed on new or existing RB Entrance doors.   Would you like to know more about the product and receive a price quote?   Pictures for illustrative purposes only. Final price of product will be determined according to sizes and the specs in the order. Color shade, features, and hardware change according to sizes and therefore are for illustration only.   Important to Know
  • DoorApp is a locking and independent access control system managed by an application and devices supporting Android and iOS via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • DoorApp can be opened by the DoorApp app on smart devices and by accessories such as wireless fingerprint readers, wireless keyboards, remote controls, Smart Home and more (encrypted RF communication)
  • The DoorApp is available with a fixed electrical connection without the need for charging (in the case of a power supply failure rechargeable batteries provide backup operation for the system)
  • The DoorApp system is operated by rechargeable batteries that are sufficient for 1,250 operating cycles between charges.
  • The DoorApp can be activated by IoT applications (Internet of Things) through connection to a Smart Home interface unit.
  • Sabbath mode - The DoorApp system can be easily put in Sabbath mode by user.
  • Automatic locking – DoorApp has an automatic locking feature dependent on the door being closed.
  • Virtual key - Virtual keys for opening of door by occasional users can be transmitted via OTP (also suitable for AIRBNB accommodations)
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