LOCKAPP2 – Smart Lock Cylinder by RB

  • SMART™- From the SMART Home Security series
  • Biometric Locking- Can be quickly opened with ease by fingerprint- by you and by those you grant access to
  • Locxis Cylinder + Keys –Patent protected motorized cylinder controlled by the application
  • Interfaces with Smart application - Installed on the smartphone, allowing user management for adding or deleting new users
  • High Level of Security- Duplication Control protected and supplied with the Locxis patent protected cylinder
  The LOCKAPP cylinder is a smart lock for keyless opening of the door by means of a fingerprint only. The innovative cylinder is a biometric lock, which can be opened easily and quickly by your fingerprint, or by the fingerprints of your family members or other people you have enrolled and granted access to, with remote functionality and more  
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