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Innovative Security

RB-LOCKS is the Lock Division of the RB-Group, specialists and manufacturers of residential and commercial doors, lock products and security solutions keeping homes, businesses and institutions safe and secure for half a century. With global presence in 50 countries across five continents, RB-LOCKS targets the needs of locksmiths and lock professionals for reliable total lock solutions in a varying range of security levels; high defense security, commercial and residential.



Total Lock Solutions

RB-LOCKS specializes in providing total lock solutions, offering a large and varied selection of products to answer all locking needs and requirements. Within our product range, you will find multiple types of lock systems, cylinders, keys, locks, lock accessories and hardware. With the wide variety available and our professional support, locksmiths and lock professionals are able to accurately define needs and offer the most relevant locking products and full solutions, strengthening their positioning when competing in large commercial and industrial projects.

Superior Quality Products

RB-LOCK products are made from tested raw metal materials (brass, hardened steel, stainless steel and nickel) to guarantee lifelong durability. The updated production line features state-of-the-art fully and semi-automated machinery for absolute precision in cutting, manufacturing and assembly. The in-house testing labs located in each department ensure consistency of quality and accuracy in production. Our lock products are tested before leaving the factory and are compliant to the strictest of International Standards Testing.



We highly value our business partners and as professionals in the field, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction and a consistent positive customer experience. Responsive to the needs of distributors, lock professionals, and their markets, we are able to support, develop, customize, and provide broader solutions.

Growth, Development and Technology

RB-LOCKS expanding facilities and growing capacities incorporate the latest machinery available, specialized automated machinery ensuring precision and accuracy in production for all processes, parts and finished products.
Our Research and Development Engineering team is committed to constant improvement of products and processes, while investing time and resources in developing and expanding our product range through new products, solutions and leading security technologies.

RB LOCKS Research & Development

Steered by the RB-Group’s Company core values of superior quality of all products, infinite driving of technological advancement and constant growth in our product line answering both today’s and tomorrow’s needs, RB LOCKS’ R&D Department and our forward thinking R&D Engineering team are the pride of our company.

True to the company’s commitment to new technologies, innovation and product development, RB-LOCKS constantly invests many resources in Research & Development. The establishment of RB-LOCKS’ R&D Department paved the way for development of advanced locking solutions and beyond, including many new products and technologies for all RB-Group’s divisions: entry doors, interior doors, high defense doors, forced entry security doors, and, commercial and industrial doors. Setting new standards, our professional R&D Engineering team serves as a leading model for the industry worldwide, the pioneers of development and design of new security and locking trends and technologies.

With a focus on quality, the R&D Department leads:

• constant improvement and rigorous testing through all stages of design and production

• achievement of precision and accuracy in manufacturing and a very advanced level of quality control

• progressive designing and development of specialized automated machinery for advanced, precise production of all products, parts, and processes

• expansion of facilities and growth of production capacity
variety, and the development of a broader range of products and total locking solutions, dedicated to a complete response to all customer security needs
• the ability to develop and customize, supporting flexibility for our customers

• enhanced evaluation of new products and creativity in design, using new technologies to their fullest to create an exceptional level of security through a stronger product line

All RB-LOCKS locking products are rigidly tested and compliant to the strictest demands of International and Israeli Security Standards.

At RB LOCKS, our highly professional R&D Department ensures production of durable products of the highest quality, a broader variety of total locking solutions, full compliance to standards, and ongoing technological advancement.

Management Team

שמואל דונרשטיין נשיא רב-בריח
Sam Donnerstein

Executive Chairman

עומר יתיר מנכ"ל חברת הנעילה
Omer yatir

VP International Business Development Manager

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