KEYLOCKS Euro Profile Cylinder

Suitable for locks using Euro profile cylinders, compatible with RB multi point locks. Standard double or single cylinder.

Technical specification

  • Operation: 360° rotation by operating key or thumb turn.
  • Dimensions: as requested.
  • Materials: Body and plug: Brass;
  • Pins: telescopic pin system made ​​of stainless steel, allows the accurate master complex systems building.
  • the cylinder is protected by four anti-drilling pins (double cylinder).
  • Finishes available (Standard): Nickel satin (US15) Shiny brass (US3). Nickel Chrome (US26D) Natural Brass
  • Standards: EN1303, SII950
  • Applications: Master Key Systems * Key Alike Systems * X3* SmartKey * Emergency Cylinder * (AS) Anti-Snap Cylinder * and more.
  • Anti-Snapping Cylinder- special slot designed to break down if excessive force or torque is applied, such as during tampering with the cylinder. After breaking, the locking mechanism cannot be accessed, while the authorized key will continue to operate the snapped cylinder.
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