Xbolt Dead Bolt (PAT.PEND)

XBOLTTM, an automatic interlocking mechanism secures itself to the door frame when the bolt is in the locked position.

RB-LOCKS®, XBOLTTM deadbolt cylinder is secured by the LOCXIS® key system technology.

Technical specification

  • Patent pending tubular lock providing over 4 tons of kick-in strength from a single heavy-duty locking bolt which interlocks with the door frame, exclusive to locks produced by RB-LOCKS.
  • The lock is operated by a Locxis® cylinder, including various Locxis platform applications – keyed different, keyed alike, master keyed and X3 platform keying (changing combination) etc.
  • Operation: Single cylinder with interior thumb turn or double cylinder operated by key on both sides.
  • Keyed alike cylinders for both the Deadbolt lock and door’s main cylinder is possible.
  • Adjustable backset bolt from 2⅜" to 2¾".
  • Material:
    Cylinder, rosettes and thumbturn - brass;
    Bolt- hardened.
  • Finish: US3, US15, US26D.
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